Final Plan


In case you need more information on the plan, the conditions FEMA places on its approval and the kind of resolution you need to adopt you can click on the following:

Final Plan (62.6 Mb, pdf file)

You should already have a copy of the part that pertains to your city or county but if you don't and/or wish to see the full text you can click the link above. Caution: This is about 1200 pages with maps and charts so may take some time to download.

Final FEMA approval letter:

This letter from FEMA to the Governor's Division of Emergency Management specifies that the Cover the Border Hazard Mitigation Plan has been approved.


Questions or Comments?

Written comments and questions on specific parts of the plan can be sent to the appropriate person among the local points of contact listed in Appendix "Hazard Mitigation Plan Team Members". Your point of contact for the cross-border project is Bill Skeen at Inquires about further work on mitigation planning and grant opportunities should be directed to Hildy Soper at the Governors Division of Emergency Management ( General information about the Cover the Border Project is available from Texas A&M International University ( and the Rio Grande Institute (,