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Existing Facilities and Equipment

Existing equipment and facilities at TAMIU within the earth science group consists of:


  • Meso-scale weather network
  • Spectrum Watchdog Dataloggers and Tipping bucket rain guages
  • Complete database of all daily South Texas weather records


  • Fully networked G4 Macintosch computers
  • Peripherals including printers, scanners and monitors
  • Portible GIS lab with latest ESRI software
  • HP 1050c wide-format color plotter


  • Portable spectrophotometer for field geochemical analysis
  • pH meter


  • Groundwater simulation model
  • Water level loggers
  • Water flowmeter
  • Darcy Permeability Columns


  • Zeiss research-grade petrographic microscope
  • Rock, mineral and fossil collections
  • Rock saw
  • Surveying equipment


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